Top 10 New Bars of 2006

It would seem that when I recommend a bar to the fearless faithful of The Martini Lounge, that I do not steer you wrong!

MSN CityGuides has come out with the Top 10 New Bars of 2006 and my favorite watering hole in all the world, Bourbon and Branch, is sitting pretty at #1.

My slogan for these guys is "The French Laundry of alcohol." The bartenders are friendly, smart as hell, and seem to remember everyone that comes in there. When I'm in there, it seems that they have a following of near cultish proportions.

Last night, Plymouth Gin sponsored the alcohol and there was quite a crowd that turned it from subtle Speakeasy in to a lively bar crowd.

This place is a destination bar. If you're in San Francisco, there's no reason you can think of that should stop you from visiting this place.

Remember, reservations only, via the website. Tell them you heard about it here, it helps my street cred.

Top 10 New Bars of 2006


Anonymous said…
This is sad. I haven't been to a single one of the new bars in Boston, though I've at least heard of most of them.
Rick - thanks for including B & B! I totally agree this spot's spot-on for really well made cocktails. Try anything with fresh ingredients, readers! It's a shame to miss them work that pestle.

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