Top 5 wines at $5.99 or less

When your wife wants extensive plastic surgery for Christmas, your mistress wants a new ring, and your kids from 2 marriages all want Tickle Me Elmo Xtreme, the last thing you can do is afford some of that high-end wine that you keep reading about in Robb Report.

Cooking@AOL hooks you up with the top 5 wines that are under six bucks. These can help you drown out the noises that your in-laws make throughout the holidays or are great if you're just inviting over a lot of people and don't want to break the bank on wine.

The 5 best are:
  1. Trader Joe's Coastal Cabernet ($4.99)
  2. Amaicha Torrontes ($4.99)
  3. Banrock Station Shiraz ($5.99)
  4. Barefoot California Merlot ($5.99)
  5. Barefoot California Chardonnay ($5.99)
Hey, it beats Thunderbird, that didn't go over so well last year, did it?

Top 5 wines at $5.99 or less
via Slashfood


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