Wunderbar is wunderful

Dispensing things is important work and there should be a Nobel Prize for the best dispenser of things each year. If there was, the Wunderbar would surely win this year's prize.

The Wunderbar comes in 3 versions. One that can't cool anything, but can keep the cool for US$105 and runs AA batteries. That's right! Small batteries! The top of the line one used sub-zero tech in order to cool your beverages and keep them cold, but will set you back US$238. They have a middle-of-the-road one as well that is perfect for picnics and such. The Wunderbar can store 4, 5, or 6-liter kegs and has a selection of over 300 beers, so you're bound to find one to keep handy.

Wunderbar Cooler - US$105-238


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