Alcohol Without Liquid getting it's first ban

Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) is a way to get drunk without all the actual drinking that is required by those old fuddy duddy's who actually want to taste their drink and feel it slide down their gullet.

Why go through all that trouble when you can inhale through this crack-pipe looking thing for 20 minutes and get just as drunk?

AWOL is facing it's first legal battle in the hotbed of legal activity, North Dakota. The argument is that it is unregulated (as of right now) and encourages the use of alcohol without the responsibility of people understanding that you'll be just as drunk and won't be able to drive after using it.

Users of AWOL comment that the taste is "clean" and "refreshing" and "now I won't vomit in to my girlfriend's purse then pass out, like last week."

Who's the biggest opponent to AWOL? Well, super producer of everything alcoholic, Diageo, is one of the companies backing the legislation in North Dakota. Which makes sense, why buy Diageo products when you can just inhale some vapors and get the same effect?

They even have a single-user unit that makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that hard-to-shop-for person and sells for US$299.

AWOL Machine


Anonymous said…
Damn, I was just about to create the first super premium alcohol vapor!

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