There are a lot of wine community and info sites out there, some are attached to a blog, some are an afterthought add-on to the site that serves some other purpose, like selling the wine.

I've been playing around with Cal Wineries for the past few days and have been thoroughly impressed. Having had some pretty decent success in the web startup business, I tend to go pretty deep in to a site that claims "community" to see what it really has to offer.

Cal Wineries seems to offer the full community experience and backs it up with the functionality that is actually available for users. It covers the entire spectrum of wine from the history, to learning more about it, to exploring the regions of California and their characteristics.

It also has forums, a regularly updated blog, and a place for you to keep your own personal wine list. All without being pretentious and without looking like they're trying to be a Gen-X site without the snobs. Login and check it out.

Cal Wineries


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