Free Beer!

A new law was passed in California that allows breweries to give away up to 8oz of beer per person, per day. As long as it's in a place that already serves beer and wine.

The idea behind the law is that wineries are allowed to give away free samples galore and wine contains twice as much alcohol, or more, as beer. Anheuser-Busch backed the law and expects to use it to do taste tastes out in the wild, rather than in the confines of their own brewery like they used to.

The Council on Alcohol Problems said that it makes no sense because beer is beer and always tastes like beer, unlike wines that have different tastes with each vintage. Obviously this is a group who's already been doing enough drinking, so no reason to even respond to that allegation.

Law OKs Free Beer Samples at Restuarants and Bars


Kevin Erskine said…
Totally different topic. Though free beer IS the best beer.
Ever wonder what happens if you try to get to your site by typing:

THAT, my friend, is NO Martini Lounge.

I say we take them to court.
Woo hoo! That's the best news I've heard in a while. ;)

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