G'vine Gin

G'Vine Gin recently launched in the US and is creating some literary buzz as to its contents.

It is the first white spirit to made from grape vine flowers of the Ugni Blanc rather than the grapes themselves. The spirit is distilled in small batches with a blend of nine botanicals: ginger root, licorice, green cardamom, cassia bark, coriander, juniper berries, cubeb berries, nutmeg and lime. It’s then blended with the flowers of the Ugni Blanc leaves and distilled again.

The flavors make it sound like the perfect crossover gin for people who swear they hate the stuff, which seems to be a lot of people. There is so much good stuff out there though, it's definitely a drink that's worth checking out if you haven't in a while.

Ugni Blanc is a grape grown in the Cognac region but sounds like a place in The Lord of the Rings. GONDOR NEEDS NO GIN! ON TO UGNI BLANC!

G'vine Gin - US$30


Anonymous said…
This drink is so delicious and refreshing you just can't stop drinking it.
Anonymous said…
Wow I thought no one ever heard about this drink but I guess I was lost in another world. This drink is slammin its soooo good. I never thought that gin could taste so good but I guess I was wrong because this G’vine drink had made me a gin lover and now I want to find out if this G’vine drink has a web site or anything that I can find out more information about the company.
Unknown said…
I find it rather humorous that I get a sudden surge of 7 messages from the same IP Class, all of them about G'vine Gin. Even better that the comments reference one another even before I approve them to be posted.

Hey, I don't mind marketing companies talking to me or leaving comments, but be reasonable about it.
Anonymous said…
We're all getting hit with comment spam from G'Vine. It's dirty marketing, and I, for one, call bullsh*t.
Unknown said…
There were quite a few posts that I didn't even publish after I called them on it.

They sent me an e-mail with an apology and were pretty cool about it. Hey, I've gotten carried away before too. I think they finally figured out that it brings more bad blood than cooperation from bloggers.
Anonymous said…
Can we believe all the comments in blogs about this product? It's a new gin at a premium price with a strong flower taste that cannot be only the result of grape flower distillation.For a lower price, you can add rose syrup or other flower syrup to a standard gin. Who makes all these divine comments? Do we have to pay 30usd for just a packaging and goods comments on blogs???
Unknown said…

You can say that about pretty much any drink that's out there, I'm not sure how it's very relevant to say it about G'Vine unless you're a competitor.

Packaging can be everything, just look at Voss Water.
Anonymous said…
Coincidentaly, the same bottle for Agua Luca Cachaca. Sadly, Voss water has switched to plastic. But nice smooth flavorful cachaca though.

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