Infuse your own vodka (or gin)

Over at WikiHow they have directions for infusing your own vodka to get the flavors you want. This works really well for specific vodkas you might like but they don't make the flavors you want (such as Lychee or Cucumber).

The nice thing about infusing your own is that you can do the infusion, then remove the fruit and keep the bottle for a long time and use it whenever, because it's not like you really need to use an entire bottle of peach vodka in one day.

This method also works nicely for gins, including my favorite infusion, cucumber gin. Just de-seed the cucumber, cut it in to spears, put it in your favorite gin for 24 hours, remove, and you got a tasty, buttery gin on your hands.

How to infuse vodka with flavor


greendrake said…
That works nicely for fruits.
For more original flavors i have tried ready made herbs infused vodka in NY: really good especially the dill and rosemary.
I was not excited by the pepper one.

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