Sideways Wine Bar opens in Solvang

Tastes of the Valley, a SIDEWAYS Wine Bar is planning to open at the end of this month and expects to get the press by linking itself to the movie that put the Central Coast on the everyday wine drinker's map and made Pinot Noir the most popular varietal.

The owner actually went to Fox Studios to license the name so they could use it on an official wine club and has now translated to using it for the actual bar that will pour and sell 55 wines from 15 producers in the region. They won't cover just Pinot's though, they also expect to have whatever other varietals that their producers sell. They also have maps so that you can go to the same wineries that the characters from the movie went to.

I'm hoping that someone does the same thing for Fight Club.

Tastes of the Valley, A SIDEWAYS Wine Bar


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