World's Largest Bottle of Wine

About two years ago, Morton's commissioned the world's largest bottle of wine to be made to celebrate their 25th anniversary. The result was "Maximus." Maximus was 34 gallons of Beringer Cabernet Savignon love, stood 4.5 feet tall, weighed 340 pounds and ended up auctioning off at Sotheby's for the simple price of US$55,812.

The Aussie's have now taken it to the next level. They have created a 64 gallon, 6 foot 5 inch bottle that carries the equivelent of 387 regular sized bottles of Shiraz. The "Five Virtues" vintage was created specifically for this bottle and is made from the efforts of 5 winemakers. The Guiness Book of World records has declared it the largest bottle ever made and the owner has claimed to already have turned down offers of US$100,000 for it.

Apparently, there's quite a bit of the stuff as 12,000 regular bottles of the vintage were made to sell alongside the promotional giant.

World's Largest Bottle Of Wine Makes It's Way To America


Anonymous said…
My wife LOVES reds, and she is looking over my shoulder with lust in her eyes. Even as I speak, I think she is hatching an "Ocean's 11"-style plan to steal it.

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