Anheuser-Busch spurns bet; shows no sense of humor

So, Miller Brewing Company offers up a friendly wager to Anheuser-Busch: If the Miller car wins the NASCAR series, then Busch stadium has to be renamed Miller stadium for a 3-game series. If the Busch car wins, then Miller Park gets renamed Busch Park for a 3-game series.

Well, the company that brought us talking iguanas and Spuds MacKenzie decided not to have much fun with it and turned Miller down. I'm sure it was on some high moral ground of not wanting to approve of betting on sports, but if they were that moral then they would probably feel worse about the beer they make.

Dale Earnhardt Jr., the king of NECKCAR, even piped in with a "Racing is my job, not a bet" quote. Next week he'll be doing a sting as McGruff.


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