Beer Goggle Formula Discovered

I had a whole bunch of really cool posts lined up, about things like how much wine the US drank last year, and some new gadget that I don't remember, and something else. Is that vague enough?

I have an idea, let's *pretend* that they were here and they were completely awesome posts and good enough to get this site away from the 1000 users a day that it's been stagnating at. Hooray! Google Ads will pay off now!

One of the cooler stories was all about Beer Goggles and how there's more factors than just beer, including darkness and distance. Well, that's the old saying, a girl's three best friends are darkness, distance, and alcohol.

They've been able to narrow it down to a score of between 1 and 100 (and sometimes over 100). If you've had a few beers, have perfect vision, and see someone from 1.5 meters, then that's a score of 55.

What good does this do to help us? Well, if you've had enough beer you won't give a damn anyway, so probably none.

'Beer Goggles' effect explained


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