Blueberry vodka launches

Heaven Hill Distilleries is launching a new flavored vodka to it's extensive lineup of flavored vodkas. Their new blueberry vodka is the 14th in their line of flavored vodkas that ranges from mango, to coconut, to watermelon.

The nice thing about flavored vodkas it that you don't really have to make the best vodka to start with because you're going to add a flavor to it that will mask any of the imperfections in the vodka you're using. This keeps the price of Burnett's vodka down to a very reasonable US$9.99 a bottle.

I think the only other blueberry vodka out there is one from Stolichnaya, so they're in a good place in the market as the demand for flavored vodkas is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry.

Burnett's Blueberry Vodka


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