Bud.tv gets serious

Travel around the great state of California has left me out of pocket and plenty has happened in the world of alcohol over the last week. Did you miss me?

Bud.tv officially launches on Monday and they've got quite the line-up ready for your entertainment pleasure. They've sealed deals with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's (BeMatt?) production company, as well as the likes of Saturday Night Live cast and writers, Kevin Spacey's production company, and Joe Buck may do a talk show on it.

Their first big project is "Finish Our Film" which gives you the beginning of a story and the ending, but leaves the middle for you to fill in. The person with the best treatment will get their own reality show as they fly you to LA to film the entire process of making your treatment. Clearly, this is no small-time operation that Bud's trying to throw at you.

The best bet for my money though? "Replaced by a chimp" takes a look at what it would be like if a chimp had a regular human job. So, they'll cover dentistry, car mechanic, and other such things. Hopefully they do one where the chimp is a stripper.

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