Girl Scotch

Some drink companies are finally realizing something. Women drink too. Not only that, it doesn't have to be pink or have the label "spritzer" on it for something to sell. Women are starting to buy upscale drinks more and more and just because they don't all love the burn of a single malt as it slides down your throat and then starts burning your stomach, doesn't mean they don't want something with some style.

the MacAllan is trying out it's new Amber in a few select markets in the U.S. The started trying the stuff in Boston and now they're pushing it out to Washington, Denver, and Seattle to see if it really takes off.

Sure, purists hate the stuff because it smells like maple syrup and they're even calling it an "alcopop", but Scotch God Kevin Erskine says it's good and that should be more than enough for 99% of the world's population. You could even throw it in with a batch of scallops and bacon and see how the flavors come out.

Purists look away

via Luxist


It's been in SF for at least a year. I tried it and I hated it -- and I'm a girl scotch-drinker.

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