Hip Sips Book

Lucy Brennan is one of Playboy's Top Bartenders in America and has two extremely successful bars in Portland, OR, Mint and the 820 lounge. I've been to the 820 lounge and can vouch for the quality of drinks and thoughtfulness of every detail that goes in to them.

Some might think that her heavy use of tropical juices in a lot of her drinks make them a little "girlie" but these drinks are all business with flavor profiles that flow together so well, the last thing you'll worry about will be your masculinity.

My favorite? Her "Ad Lib" which is Crater Lake Vodka muddled with Cilantro and Lemon Lime juice, served up in a sugared Martini glass.

Now her recipe book has hit the shelves and it relays all of the interesting and unique cocktails that she's come up with that are great tasting and not super hard to make for yourself. 60 full recipes will keep them coming back for more.

Hip Sips: Modern Cocktails to Raise Your Spirits - US$11.53


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