IKON Vodka Review

I've had the bottle of Ikon vodka sitting and staring at me for weeks. I kept it in front of me on my desk so I would be sure to try it. So it sat there, mocking me, begging me to try it. I knew I had to wait until the moment was right, I've heard very good things about this US$12.99 wonder and wanted my first time to be the best. I knew I had to be gentle, calm, and tell it that I would always love it and that drinking it would only make my love for it stronger. I told it I would go slow and still respect it, no matter what the outcome was.

Getting Ready
I had planned to try it out as an up martini first, but the ice I had in my fridge smelled like the ass of a clown ("Hey, that smells funny") so I knew I had to go straight for the gusto. Unchilled. Unmixed. Unbelievable.

The Taste
The nose on this vodka was extremely appealing and I went back for a few extra sniffs. I took a swig and was very glad I did. It's not a vodka trying to be tasteless like some of the other one's out there and it's not trying to be a big grain vodka either. It has a great middle of the road feel and it did something that most other vodkas do not normally do, it made my mouth water. I was blown away at the rich flavors inside of this one and it had a big, round feel to it. "Round" is the best way I can describe it and, no, not like your mother.

You will not, ever, find a bottle of vodka that is better than Ikon for under US$20. Ever. Never. Never ever. This is a bottle that I could easily put in to a taste test with self-proclaimed vodka aficionado's alongside some of the premium vodkas and come away with a pleasing sense of self-satisfaction at calling them morons. Yet, the vodka is cheap enough to be a well vodka. Oh praise to the bar that has Ikon as the well vodka, long will it be loved.

The vodka is available in a lot of states and on sale for US$11.33 at Internet Wine & Spirits.

Ikon Vodka


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