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Monday, February 26, 2007

Muslim World's First 20 Year Whisky; Middle East Peace Ensues

The Muree Brewery in Rawalpindi, Pakistan was originally built in the 1860's in order to provide ale and spirits for the British Raj. It has start and stopped several times thanks to things like coup's, being burned down, and Islamist purge's, but now they have come back with the Muslim world's first 20 year old whisky.

Let's spend a minute talking about devotion to the craft here: The alcohol can't be legally drunk by 97% of the country, nor can it be exported, however, they make about 110,000 gallons of whisky (and 600,000 gallons of beer) and it all gets sold. The maker estimates that 99% of his customers are Muslim and there's been considerable debate about striking down the law prohibiting Muslims from drinking alcohol.

Free Pakistan!

Muree Brewery