Suck & Blow (and choke?)

The Daily Thrillist I get in my inbox each morning is very hit or miss. Today was...neither, I guess.

The new form of shot that's "sweeping the nation" (though I haven't seen it anywhere) is the Suck & Blow Jell-O shot. Though due to licensing issues, it's not Jell-O, just gelatin. So, it's only similar to Jell-O, but it's not.

The shot is a gelatin shot inside of a tube that requires a mouth on both ends and needs one person to suck and the other to blow in order to get the concoction out of the tube. The gelatin mixture then fires in to your trachea and down in to your lungs causing a painful choking sensation that makes you cough it up so hard that some of it squirts out your nose. Perfect for Valentine's Day or that special someone!

Suck & Blow Shots

via Thrillist


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