Using vermouth to cook

Vermouth was basically a name for cheap wine that used wormwood to mask the flavor from the fact that it was cheap wine.

It's grown up quite a bit but is still, at its heart, a fortified wine. We cook with wine, so why not with vermouth?

Accidental Hedonist cooked up Carrots in Vermouth and they look damned yummy. Vermouth provides the flavor agent, but you could also use bourbon or gin to give it some uniqueness.

Carrots in Vermouth


Anonymous said…
One of the best pasta recipes I've ever had came from a Martini & Rossi magazine ad.

It contains Pappardelle pasta, mushrooms, Pecorino Romano cheese and a healthy dose of vermouth. It's simple to make and unbelieveably good.

Gimme a shout if you want the recipe. It's one of my all-time favorites now.
Unknown said…
I found this recipe as well some years ago, but have misplaced it. Could you send me your version, please?
Unknown said…
If you click on the link at the bottom it will take you to the recipe.


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