Wine.Woot does Sake

I've been remiss in my weekly Wine.Woot reviews because most people know them by now and I can't tell you anything that's not already in the forums. One thing I can say is that week after week, they've had consistently good wines at a substantial savings and always US$5 shipping. Even if they didn't save you money on the wine itself, the shipping alone would make the wines worth it.

This week though they've strayed from the path of traditional grape wines and have put out G Sake for the offering. Now, this sake isn't that stuffy from Japan that makes you work 70 hour work weeks and stuffs you in to a commuter train, no sir! This stuff is made in Oregon and is as laid back as a stroll on a sunny day. It normally sells for US$20 a bottle but Wine.Woot has 3 bottles of the stuff for US$44.95. Did I mention the $5 shipping?

If you're new to sake, this is a great way of trying it out without having to go through the long process of learning what everything means. No guarantee that you won't suddenly find yourself searching the Internet for strange porn though.

G Sake at Wine.Woot


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you posted this, as I've completely forgotten to check wine.woot each week. Of course, I'm now trying to decide if I should be $49.99 poorer (or God forbid $139.97 poorer to save on shipping). If anything, this would be a great default gift for other people.

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