Paris Hilton new poster girl for Bordeaux region

Everyone seems to love to hate Paris Hilton, but I really don't have a problem with her. Take a girl that is gorgeous, give her a ton of money, a workaholic attitude, then put a guy's brain in her, you get Paris Hilton. Most of us are just jealous.

But I do have to ask, "What the fuck is Bordeaux thinking?" She's now been hired to pimp the Bordeaux region in print, tv, and poster campaigns. I understand that most French wines are getting pretty desperate to stay afloat among ever-increasing international competition, but this smacks of sheer desperation to change their image without much thought to what it is they're changing it too.

It made sense to have her pushing Carl's Jr/Hardees burgers, and even the canned Prosecco, but I'm seriously lost on this one. The campaign's name even pokes fun at her infamous video by calling it "Paris: One night in Bordeaux."

Oh well, I guess I have to look on the bright side and just be glad that there will be more photos of the ultra-hot heiress.

Paris Hilton to be new face of Bordeaux


Anonymous said…
It's the 1st of April.
Unknown said…
I'm surprised I didn't get more comments calling me out on that one.

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