Pick your wine by animal

Most of us really have no idea what we're doing when we go pick out a wine. Some people go with a varietal and maybe try to get one on the upper-end of their price range, others just try to find a cool label and run with it. The biggest boneheads listen to some yutz who reviews it and tells us that it tastes like "blackberries and precociousness" and gives it 89 points, which is vastly different than a wine that is 91 points.

As more and more labels pick a mascot for their wines, Critter Wines catalogues them. Just go to their site and pick your favorite animal, it will then come back with the wines that have that animal on the label.

Now, you can finally build a wine cellar and call it "The Ark" and collect each wine by two's. Don't expect them to mate though, that's just weird.

Critter Wines


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