Vertikal Vodka

The vodka market is becoming so saturated that taste is no longer everything. In fact, it can taste awful or even mediocre and still do pretty damned well, as long as it has the gimmick factor or a killer marketing team.

Vertikal Vodka is the latest of this breed and its hook is the ultra-cool bottle design. The bottle is completely neckless, even more so than the Voss Water we're seeing spring up in clubs, as it has a twist cap in the top that allows for pouring. The design, by nonobject, has already won numerous awards.

The vodka is going to be released by the makers of "V" Vodka. No pricing or release date set.

Arteska International


Nate said…
I need to start spending every minute of free time designing aesthetically pleasing containers for really shitty liquors.
Anonymous said…
Please note- V Vodka has nothing to do with Orange V Vodka. We belive in the ancient tradition of necks on all of our vodka.

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