$1000 Mint Julep at Kentucky Derby

I freaking love The Kentucky Derby. I love horse racing in general but always settle down for the Triple Crown and the Derby is my favorite of them all.

This year, US$1000 will get you a mint julep using the finest ingredients (mint from Ireland, organic sugar from Australia, ice from the Bavarian Alps, and bourbon from Woodford Reserve.) that is poured in to a gold cup with a silver straw. Last year's didn't have the special cups that are on display this year that showcase each and every winner of The Derby.

The Run for the Roses 133 years means that there will be 133 of the editions made. 13 will posted at auction, 109 will be up for sale online (first come, first serve), with only 10 being up for sale at the actual race.

All proceeds go to benefiting retired horses and jockeys through Thoroughbred Charities of America.

Snagged from Luxist


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