Coors Light gets colder

In an apparent effort to prevent global warming and save the snow pack of the Rocky Mountains, Coors is now serving up their on tap beer extra cold through a specially installed tap.

Coors Light Super Cold Draft has a unique tap that cools the beer further as it flows through with the end result being a beer that is 5 or 10 degrees cooler than the average cold, on tap beer.

Though this may sound like some cheap gimmick, I'm all for it. Anything that cools it down beyond my taste bud's recognition is just fine by me.

Coors Light Super Cold Draft


Nate said…
I could get behind the folks at the Adolph Coors Brewing Co. working toward a special filtering device for their on-tap products to remove the "shitty taste". Such an innovation could help sales, I think.
Sean said…
mega dittos to what nate said...

and global warming my ass..

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