SakeOne G Joy Sake

Is there a spirit that *isn't* on the rise right now? It seems that just about everything with alcohol in it is taking off and selling like crazy.

Sake is definitely one of those and it's starting to take on a life of its own well outside of the traditional Japanese brands.

G Joy Sake is milled down to 60%, a process that reduces the rice to 60% of it's weight and removes the proteins and the oils, leaving just the starch. Most sake's out there are usually milled down to about 70%. The idea is that the more it's milled, the better the final result.

The idea behind the drink is to make a sake that is more for American palates and for people who love food.

SakeOne G Joy Sake - US$20


sak√©sipper said…
It is important to clarify that saké is not a spirit. It is brewed much like beer and drank more like wine. Nothing distilled unless you happen to find a Honjozo style which has a small amount of added spirits to highlight soft aromas.

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