Saturday Night Fever: Fina Estampa Tequila

I've had these bottles of Fina Estampa tequila sitting around for quite a while and just haven't attacked them for the simple reason that I need to be in just the right mood to even sip tequila.

A couple of weeks ago I cracked open the bottle of Fina Estampa Anejo and tonight I poured myself a glass of their Reposado.

I tend to prefer Reposado's for the most part as they haven't aged as long and don't have as much of the strong flavors that most Anejo's have. However, Fina Estampa's Anejo was easily a velvety feel and as smooth and tasty as any tequila I've tasted and the Reposado came across with a great caramel taste.

Excuse me, are you the singing bush?
The Anejo was nice and dark-yellow and looked thick when it was swirled around. The tequila smell was strong but the taste came across a lot lighter with a smokey feel that lasted for quite a while. It was gentle and warm as I swallowed it. Completely satisfying and made me feel like I was in a perfect place with the glass in my hand.

Do you have anything here besides Mexican food?
The Reposado came across completely differently, but with distinctive characteristics that made Fina Estampa a brand. The light caramel taste was the strongest flavor as I took a sip and the smoothness made the vodka and gin lover in me take note. This is easily one of the best sipping tequilas I've come across and would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their love for tequila (or lack thereof).

We ride! We fight! We love!
Fina Estampa Tequila is a strong brand in a tequila world that is quickly becoming over-inhabited. Their Anejo is one of the best I've had and their Reposado has already won a double silver medal. Their Blanco (which is sitting on my shelf still) is well regarded so far in the tequila tasting world. Easily a brand that can't seem to lose.

Fina Estampa Tequila


Anonymous said…
I've tasted all three of the Fina Estampas and the Blanco may be the best. I agree that most anejos lose the tequila "feel", but the Fina Estampa Anejo still keeps the agave character and flavor- not over the top.

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