Spykes: Liquor for drunken teen parties!

Spykes from Anheuser-Busch is their latest ploy to market directly to the teenage market, or so some are saying.

A-B's (That's what we call Anheuser-Busch in "the biz") release of the flavored malt liquor with 12% ABV (That's Alcohol By Volume in "the biz") has plenty of tasty flavors (Which is code for "totally disgusting" in biz-speak) and looks like an alcoholic Jamba Juice.

No, I haven't had them. But I've never been burned alive either, that doesn't mean I want that either.

The flavors of Spicy Mango, Hot Melons (!!!), Spicy Lime, and Hot Chocolate come in bright 2oz packaging. Each one also contains caffeine, guarana, and ginseng. You know, for that quick boost of energy before exams.

Of course, A-B denies any such marketing tactic but if that's not the case, I'm not really sure why they have message boards on their site as well as an AOL Instant Messenger screen name and downloadable AIM icons.



cojovo said…
Actually, they've already released new flavors in banana, grape, blueberry and a couple others I believe. We got them in at the liquor store I work at within the last month and have carried the other Spykes since last year.
Unknown said…
Thanks for the info Courtney, I didn't know that at all.
Anonymous said…
Kids these days! Why, back in MY day we had to take the extra effort to pour a mini of vodka into our red bull.

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