Yo-Yo Shaker

Don't lie, you wanted to be Tom Cruise in Cocktail... Shakin' it up and throwin' stuff around then at the end of the night going home with Gina Gershon who also sleeps with your best friend then you go to some island and meet Elizabeth Shue and fall in love only to find out she's having your baby and her father can't stand you but you take her anyway and open up your own bar.

This little gadget is the first step to having all that and more! The Y0-Yo Shaker (no relation to famed cellist Yo Yo Ma) allows you to fill it up with the goods then huck it at someone. But look! It has a string that attaches to your finger and rolls out just like a yo-yo! It comes right back, just like a bowling ball doesn't!

Yo-Yo Shaker

Fat tip to Gizmodo


Anonymous said…
Turns out this is not original, but a repeat of something from 40 years ago. See the following e-bay listing for a vintage Yo-Yo mixer:

Unknown said…
Very cool! Not that I care if it's original or not, but interesting that it's on a concept site.

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