360 eco-friendly vodka launches

McCormick is a pretty well known vodka brand that's sold in just about every bar, whether you know it or not, it's often the well vodka that you get when you order a vodka-tonic (Please tell me you don't order a Grey Goose and tonic and expect to taste the difference).

The bottle is made using 85% recycled glass and has a unique closure. All of the packaging and print is done in an environmentally friendly manner. To add to it, they're donating US$1 from each bottle sold to their "360 Close the Loop" program that gives the money to recognized environmental organizations.

Much really isn't said about the actual taste or the process for distilling. Does the water come from an easily renewable source? Is it filtered through Hippies? This kind of thing should be in the press release.

Of course, this does come from a company who's founder also founded the Pony Express, so maybe there's something to it...

360 Vodka


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