Cocktails on the Fly Show

If you're looking for a web program that covers cocktails, then you'll be hard pressed to get more solid info than Alberta Straub's new show, Cocktails on the Fly. It doesn't have a plot of fun like Tiki Bar TV, but Alberta has a fun attitude, plenty of knowledge when it comes to cocktails, and an obsession with 60's jet culture. She also makes episodes more frequently. Do you hear that Tiki Bar TV??? More episodes!

Alberta's been around in magazines and cooking up drinks for 8 years in San Francisco including a 2004 award from SF Weekly for Best Bartender. She also doesn't look like a lot of the freakin' tools out there trying to tell me how to make damned Scotch on the rocks.

Check out the promo episode below and all the rest at Cocktails on the Fly.


Anonymous said…
Reality Check!!!

Alberta Straub is one of the most unknowledgable bartenders I have seen on an internet video.

Drunk and scatty too.

Try the webtender forums for the low-down:
You are so right about this episode. I have asked "the powers that be" 1000x to destroy this show. It is technically incorrect. This is not an excuse, but it was made on the worse day of my life. I was evicted from my apartment and fired from my job of 7 years. I did not know I was being filmed and was fooling around. But if you give me another chance...I have filmed over 40 episodes since then and these I am starting to be proud of. And while I admit, I have a lot to learn, I do made very good cocktails..."google" my name to see other reviews and write ups. I have been praised by the top people in the industry-in Gourmet, Esquire, Imbibe, 7x7, NPR and the Fine Living Network..Why?... Because my cocktails taste good, and that's what is all about isn't it? I thank for your critism. My hands are shaking as I write I feel so sad and humilated. But ulitmalely I know I have a good show and fun attitude that I hope can help people relax and make drinks at home. My reason for what I do is to take care of people, my customers are what its all about. Thanks for your comments.
Unknown said…
I think the proof will come as the shows continue and people will see just how good they are.

And the Webtender forums hate pretty much everyone, so their opinion means fairly little when it comes to who's a good bartender or not.

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