Infrared Wine Thermometer and Corkscrew

I know it *seems* like a good idea, but just opening a bottle of wine and then putting a meat thermometer in to the glass to be sure that it's the right temperature just doesn't work that well.

Oh sure, you may even have a wine fridge that keeps things at all the right temperatures, but are you willing to bet that US$5 bottle of wine on it? Are you willing to bet...your life?

Well, should terrorists ever kidnap you and make you play some sick game where the wine has to be right or they'll kill you, you'll be safe with this little baby. Just put the corkscrew up to the bottle and super-secret spy technology (read: infrared) will tell you what the temperature is INSIDE the bottle! It's like having ESP, except not.

Infrared Thermometer and Corkscrew
- US$129.95
Found it at Coolest Gadgets


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