Jaguar Vodka

Jaguar Vodka's primary goal is to make a good vodka but if they make some money in the process, that's a nice thing and some of the money even goes to help preserve the native habitat of the jaguar.

This is no sex panther: Rather than use potato or grain to make their alcohol, they use sugar cane molasses which is what most people call "Rum" but it doesn't have the sugar and spices added and uses a proprietary process to reduce the molasses taste. Mix it with Barbados' finest water and a five-time-distillation process and you have a vodka without the burn of a lot of other vodkas.

Their site says they've saved 2,500,000 sq feet of rain forest through proceeds from Jaguar Vodka. Though that only works out to less than a tenth of a square mile, it's a start.

The vodka is available in 12 states right now and gaining steam. Use the store locater on their site to see if it's near you.

Jaguar Vodka - US$30


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