Metrokane Vacuum Decanter

Decanting wine changes everything. Most people don't think it's that important to decant wine and will just suffer through a bottle that is mediocre or end up buying more expensive wine, whereas decanting wine can make an okay bottle a lot better and is a must for any of your older wines.

The Metrokane Vacuum Decanter serves a dual-purpose. It allows you to decant the wine in to it's stylish bottle and enjoy it at it's best tasting. However, if you don't drink it all, you won't have to worry. Just use the included pump to pull the air out and you'll have your wine ready to drink for another day. The pump even has a digital indicator on it so that you can know exactly when there's no more oxygen in the bottle.

It's even on sale now for US$68.99.

Metrokane Vacuum Decenter - US$68.99
via Gizmodo


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