Mixed drinks for guys

Okay, there has to be more than making a mixed drink for a guy than a scotch on the rocks (I can't believe someone made a video how to make this) without making them something pink.

LadyThrills has put out a few tips on making drinks just for the guys. Rules are: color (obviously, no pink), texture (not too sticky or syrupy), mixture (not sweet), and garnishes (think about it this way - most guys don't accessorize much).

Mixed drinks men love
via Slashfood


Anonymous said…
Yes, excellent advice -- also, consider these masculine rules:

Men should not eat items which are too syrupy, or too sweet. This rules out most deserts.

Remember, no pink for a true man. You must order steak well-done.

Also, hold the appetizers and side-dishes. Men do not accessorize.

(Subtext: drink what you enjoy.)

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