Tony Sinclair and Tanqueray Rangpur

With the help of award-winning director Tommy Kuntz, composer John Frizzell and production company MJZ, the brand has created an exclusive web adventure show dripping with flavor. In this episode, Tony Sinclair and his crew search for the rare Rangpur lime and find much more – a new mixable gin, Tanqueray Rangpur.

I haven't had a chance to try this stuff, but if you're in to 10 minute commercials, this one's about as good as they come.


Anonymous said…
What a fantastic advert. Hilarious! The Rangpur gin looks interesting... a nice alternative to all the dry gins around.

It could work as a good gateway gin for people who find more traditional gins too much - I hope it makes it to the UK so I can try it out.
Kers said…
I did a review of this gin back last August 2006 (for Liquor Snob) when it had it's initial roll-out in the US.

I'm sure it will hit the UK and elsewhere as it is a Diageo product
Unknown said…
I actually had this for the first time the other night and liked it a lot. It's definitely something that will be in my own personal bar.

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