Website for French Wine Travel

Wine writer, Wink Lorch, has developed a website that is independent of any company that has over 40 travel guides for helping you to get the most out of your French wine tour.

Initially covering French wine regions, there are more than 40 Guides available to view or print. Using experienced contributing writers with the inside knowledge of their area, the Guides provide recommendations on which wine producers to visit, where to stay and eat, wine and food shops, interesting attractions and much more.

The site is based on a subscription model rather than relying on advertisers, which I rather like. If you're the type that's traveling to France for a wine tour then purchasing a single guide for €11.01 or unlimited access including Michelin Green Guides and micro-region guides for €71.92 is not a big price to pay and more than worth every penny.

Expect to see other wine regions included as the site takes off.

Wine Travel Guides


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