The 10 Worst Cocktails

Sure, anyone could come up with 10 crappy cocktails, but it takes a real genius and someone who's actually trying to make a GOOD cocktail to come up with 10 cocktails that suck this bad.

Fancy a Salmon Colada? Or how about a VIP Sangria (Just use a vintage wine and Fanta).

Hey, it's stuff like this that reminds us why we sometimes ask for a simple vodka martini.

Toast to Drink of the Week 2.0


Ewww… Martini isn’t even a cocktail. It’s just gin (or vodka) in a glass. With gin being the most disgusting stuff you can drink, and the sometimes added vermouth being just as bad, it’s all-in-all an EPIC FAIL.

Both sides are extremes. But the badness rises in both directions.

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