eWineMatch: SMS wine pairing

You want to look good when you go out and order wine don't you? But seriously, only wine nerds of the highest caliber can match a wine to the entire Value Menu at Wendy's. You either have to access the Internet on your phone (awkward), carry a huge book with you (what?), or rely on the wine nerd at the restaurant to steer you straight (loser).

eWineMatch has your big bro hug right here. Text the key ingredient of your meal, or the cuisine, to 411 511 and it will come back with 3 bottles that match up to the food. Most of the bottles are under $20 at a store, which means over $100 at a restaurant, so you probably won't have to go far to find the fit.

Now if you could just find a texting service that'll match a tie to that hideous shirt you have on.



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