Martini Rosato Vermouth Variant

Martini is redesigning all of their vermouth bottles to "bring them up to date" and they're also launching some new flavors to go along with it.

The problem Martini has is that people who drink martini's on average drink 1 to 4 a month. The amount of vermouth in a martini is rather minimal, so a bottle lasts for quite some time. The company needs to figure out how to get people to drink more of their product.

Martini Rosato is one of the ways they hope to do this.

Pink in colour, Martini Rosato has a subtle aroma of cloves and cinnamon and a taste of cloves with a gentle sweet and spicy finish. They recommend it to be served long over ice and topped with pomegranate juice, but can also be enjoyed straight up or on the rocks. I'm sure drinking it on the rocks is a nice thought, but I don't see that happening, though I do like the pomegranate idea.

Martini Rosato is already available for US$11.00 at most retail outlets.


Anonymous said…
It seems to have reached British shores too - funnily enough I spotted it at the local supermarket yesterday. It's been available in France for quite some time, so it's about time it made it to other countries.
Anonymous said…
I just thought I'd point out that vermouth is actually drunk straight in much of southern Europe as an aperitif drink. So even though in the US people buy a bottle and make it last, it is a fairly popular bottle at supermarkets here (Spain). Especially with the older folk.

I haven't seen the Rosato yet, though.

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