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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Powdered alcohol invented

The Dutch's brilliance is well-known. Not only do they have the Red Light District, but they're known for inventing the pendulum clock, finding Saturn's rings, creating the basis for International Law and...powdered alcohol.

A group of students in Amsterdam have invented an alcopop sort of drink that comes in powdered form. Just empty the packet in to a glass and you get a lemon-lime confection that is 3% alcohol. Technically this low amount of alcohol volume can be sold to 16 and over in the EU and has tax advantages because you're not shipping alcohol, so you can get around those charges.

If Spykes can't make it here, I'm hoping that this stuff doesn't get far either. The students are pretty blatant that they're trying to market it to the underage crowd, but that's one drink that we don't really need here.

Just add water - Students invent alcohol powder

1 Comment: said...

This is a fascinating idea... and opens up endless possibilities for sneaking alcohol into all sorts of places - movie theatres, airplanes, church.

Gotta love the Dutch!