Smirnoff adds two new drinks to it's vodka line

Smirnoff is launching flavored drinks that emulate the ones that you'd get at a bar that a bit harder to make.

Their Grand Cosmopolitan and Mojito vodkas actually include the other alcohols that make the drink, unlike the mixers out there that have flavorings that are close approximations. The Grand Cosmo uses Grand Marnier and the Mojito has the lime and mint flavors built in, though it doesn't say anything about tonic, so maybe you add that yourself.

I like that there are full alcohol versions of these out there because the mixers that don't have any alcohol in them pretty much always suck when compared to the real thing.

Both products will be available in 750mL and 1.75L bottles, retailing for approximately $12.99 and $19.99 respectively (suggested retail price).



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