Some new sites

New sites about alcohol aren't popping up like they used to, but there are some that are still coming up that are worth taking a look at. While others just stop posting, these sites can help keep the gravy train runnin' and your appetite whet.

- Despite the fact that the authors still call themselves "Mixologists," Talk Drinks has some solid posting so far, though they're lacking in consistency at the moment.

- Natalie over at The Liquid Muse has it all together and keeps the info coming. She's also extremely hot, so it doesn't really matter what she says, you'll like it because we do whatever beautiful people tell us to do. She also has 5 monthly columns yet seems to make sure that she gets posts on her blog everyday. Can anyone say "overacheiver?" Also, did I mention she was hot?

- If your sign had a specific drink associated with it, what would it be? Intoxicated Zodiac says that Leo's would be a creamsicle drink, which doesn't make sense because no Leo would be caught dead with something that has the word "creamsicle" in it. Which drink is your sign?

Once these sites have sent me one kajillion visits (or some other favor, to be discussed in private), I will add them to a permanent residence as a Drinkin' Buddy.


Anonymous said…
thanks for the mention rick! you wouldn't be a Leo, by chance...? Cheers ;)
Wow. Thanks. That's the best PR I've gotten in a long time! ;-)
xo The Liquid Muse

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