Absolut New Orleans

Tales of the Cocktail is taking place right now in New Orleans and you can expect there to be plenty of announcements (and blog posts) on drink related items. One of the biggest ones to come out is the launch of a new vodka from Absolut that is being made and sold to benefit the town.

Absolut New Orleans is mango flavored with a black pepper kick and is being limited to a run of 35,000 cases. The vodka will sell for US$19 per bottle and is expected to raise abou US$2 Million for 5 New Orleans charities, including one that will buy new instruments for musicians that lost them to Katrina. The money in and of itself is timely as funding for a lot of charities is beginning to dry up.

Edit: You can also go to the Absolut site now and vote on which other cities should get their time as a vodka flavor!

Limited edition vodka to benefit Gulf Coast rebuilding


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