Orbit Mint Mojito Gum

The popularity of the Mint Mojito is starting to greatly annoy me. Yes, they are perfect for a hot summer afternoon/night but the people ordering them in a busy club because they can't figure out anything else to order and so decide on a trendy one need to spend some time working it out with an impartial third party (read: Therapist or Ultimate Fighter).

Having to stand there at a busy bar and wait for the Fresh Off Of Campus girl to order her Mojito and the look on the poor bartender's face as he has to muddle another one is a huge deterrent to going out to popular bars. Why can't you hop on the OTHER bandwagon and just order a SoCo and Lime?

Or here's a better idea, just grab the Orbit Mint Mojito flavored gum and call it a night. Go back to your dorm room and kiss your hand as you pretend it's your boyfriend which you won't have as long as the only drink you can think of to order when the bar is hoppin' is a Mojito. Or whatever it is you people do.

It's sugar-free too, so it might help you lose that freshman 15.

Orbit Mint Mojito Gum - US$22/12 pack


Anonymous said…
I've been meaning to write a review of this for the longest time. I chewed through a whole pack. Overall, I didn't like it. Not enough alcohol, but in general, it's just too sweet and has that strong fake lime taste like Tostitos with a touch of lime.

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