Peureux Perfect 1864 Launches

If you're a vodka company and you want to show some guts, challenge all comers to a room temperature taste test and then call your vodka "The Smoothest Vodka On Earth."

That's exactly what Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka has done. Each batch of Perfect 1864 includes certificates attesting that the wheat base was sourced exclusively from a soft variety found only in France's Brie Champagne region and that the water comes only from ancient natural springs in the Vosges Mountains near France's border with Switzerland. Perfect 1864 is the only vodka in the world to provide certified support for the quality of its ingredients with every batch produced.

It launched in limited spots late last year but is now starting to spread. Look for it near you.

Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka
- US$33.95


franklin said…
This vodka is really super. I had it first in Newport, then New Jersey and it is the smoothest by far, not even close. I can't find it in New York. Does anybody know where I can buy it in NY? If you know, let me know. Now, all the others taste like gasoline.
Sandra said…
I agree with Franklin. I first tried this vodka also in a place called Charlie O's in Narragansett.
My husband and I were with 3 other couples. We decided to drop in to Charlio's after a day at the beach.They were recommending Peureux Perfect Vodka because we all ordered either a Martini or a Cosmo (except the designated driver). They offered a taste test because they were introducing a new vodka.Some of us did the taste test against Grey Goose and others wanted to test against Belvedere.The concensus was one of the Vodkas had this after taste and the other did not in the Grey Goose vs Perfect taste test.The Bevedere vs Perfect found one was not smooth at all when compared to the other. It was unanimous.The Pereux Perfect 1864 Vodka was the one that did not have the lingering after taste and all of us agreed it was the smoothest vodka we had ever tasted.Being the curious type, I wanted to know more.I learned they were the only vodka providing certificates of origin and about the purity of ingredients as already mentioned by the "Martini Groove". My question was "why was there an after taste with one and not the other as well as a lack of smoothness?" Both the others are supposeded to be Super Premium. Well, my friends as well as my husband adore the finer things in life but we like to know that when we pay for quality we are getting it. If it is a fine wine, designer clothing ,a luxury handbag or in this case super premium vodka,we expect the best quality. I want to trust these finer brands to give me exceptional quality. What I later learned was that Grey Goose adds mint oil and that is what caused the after taste. I'll take this new Pereux Perfect Vodka that can be smooth without doctoring it up. Actually, after what I now know I feel betrayed by these other brands.It is evident they could deliver a purer product but choose not to or don't know how.I suppose it is possible that there are secrets passed down through generations concerning the distilling and grain choice that could leave them falling short.
I am dissappointed when we go out to a restaurant or bar and they don't carry Perfect Vodka.
We have fun with the the symbolism. When my husband orders a "Perfect Martini" and always adds " and one for my perfect wife." Can't you just see the big grin I get on my face every time.
We have purchased a bottle for our bar at home and it was a bit more expensive but well worth the few extra dollars now that I know it is top shelf in the true French tradition.The the pretty blue Fleur di Lis logo on the Peureux Perfect 1864 Vodka bottle is a beautiful addition to my bar.I am now officially a Peureux Perfect Vodka 1864 Snob.
convex said…
I can't seem to find it in california either. I contacted them from their website and someone from Rhode Island contacted me saying they offer shipping nationwide without taxes. but Rhode Island! come one! he did offer to sell the 750ml for 26.99! which is a great price.
Convex, can you share this great source for the Pereux perfect Vodka at that fantastic price?

I'd love to stock up and serve it at my summer parties.It is great to serve the best to your guests. Besides I have discovered I feel great the next day after drinking Perfect Vodka in a drink. I used to feel sluggish and a bit hung over when I would drink other vodkas. There must be something to the purity of the ingredients.

As a hostess it is lots of fun to offer interesting trivia about what I am serving. Keeps the party interesting.I went to the Peureux Perfect website and the water they use is drawn from the depths of the Vosges massif. There was something about eau de vie which means water of life mentioned.I am not sure how it fit in but I sure like the sound of it! I am impressed. Expensive water is all the rage as for me I'd rather buy expensive vodka made with expensive water.Seems like a better investment.
There is also some history about King Stanislov of Poland in the 18th century came to visit King Louis the XV .King Stanislov who was a great lover of Vodka said "it was comparable to none in the world" Great party chit chat!

Not to get off the subject but I enjoyed some to die for 2000 Chateau Haut Monteils Sauternes with some Pate de Fois Gras the other nite. My friend from France was so entertaining as he explained how I need to appreciate the marriage of the two by holding some pate in my mouth while sipping this wine that looks like it was touched by the Angels because of the golden hue. Sauternes is not only beautiful to look at but oh so delicately sweet.
It was just a piece of heaven. I quess I got off track due to the French thing....

So what was the store I can purchase the Pereux Perfect 1864 Vodka? I 'll never polute my body with the unpure vodkas they are selling at premium prices after I've felt the clear headed next day difference when drinking Peureux Perfect Vodka.
convex said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
convex said…
I posted the contact info yesterday and they disappeared!
Here they are again:

Elliott N. Fishbein
Town Wine & Spirits
179 Newport Avenue
Rumford, Rhode Island 02916

His email is: malt[at]townwineri[dot]com

You can mention Ahmad if you wish.
In response to Convex and all others that are asking "Where in the world can I get Perfect1864 Vodka?" I apprciate your info but I think people would like the local info.This way if a restaurant offers this brand then I will know it before dining there.After all I don't want to ruin a perfectly good dining experience by starting off with disappointment of no chance of a Perfect Martini.
Since summer is over and I am no longer in the Newport Rhode Island/ Narragansett Rhode Island area where Perfect1864 seems readily available, I am making it my mission help others that have fallen in love with this brand as I have by trying to compile a list of stores,restaurants,bars that carry this brand.I also thought it would be fun to try and follow their taste test events. Let's see what I can dig up hopefully with the cooperation of the company.I will post it if allowed here.If not I am sure it will come up under the title I give it. "Where in the world can I find Perfect1864 Vodka?"

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