Plymouth Gin Master Distiller Interview

Sean Harrison is the Master Distiller for Plymouth Gin and recently made the rounds in the US. Robert Hess from The Cocktail Spirit recently sat down with him in Seattle and got quite a lengthy interview out of him.

I was impressed with Sean's practicality when it came to the Gin market. He understands that the Gin crowd is not one that is going to be under 25 and they're not spending any time trying to open up that market. Though he gives a nod to the fact that gin is making a comeback, he concedes that gin will never overtake the vodka market.

Watch the full interview here at Small Screen Network.


Jay Hepburn said…
I agree, I think it's sensible that they're concentrating on keeping quality products rather than wasting time and money on the youth market. I'm under 25 myself, and I am the only one of my group of friends that drinks gin. Most people just assume they hate it, and no amount of persuasion is going to change that (believe me I've tried).

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