Sexy Sommeliers

Who says that Sommeliers have to be tired old men who glare at you if you sniff the cork and drone on about tannins as you sip something that is akin to Two Buck Chuck?

Sexy Sommeliers is a company that is the perfect party-guest. Not only do they bring a great bottle of wine (or a few cases, depending on the size of your party), they also bring an extraordinarily hot girl to pour it. Considering your last party's biggest achievement was the fact that no one threw a Mike's Hard Lemonade at you, this is a good thing.

You can look through each girls pictures and profile and even take a look in to their wine experience (if they have any, it seems that many don't), where else are you going to find a gorgeous Sommelier who lists one of her interests as "Kama Sutra?"

For my money, I'm still hiring Courtney Cochrane, but not everyone can get her, so you may have to make do with one of these.

Sexy Sommeliers

Thanks Kevin!


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