Shotpak vodka/energy drink launches

The ShotPak company, makers of single-serving drinks such as the Lemon Drop pictured here, has said that they've come up with the "First Ever Vodka Energy Drink Formula" for their single-serving audience.

While this is categorically false (Think Zygo, P.I.N.K. and a few others), I'm sure it's the first that comes in an easy-to-conceal packet that allows you to sneak it in to the movies and get all amped up while watching the next great romantic comedy.

Expect to see it launch this Fall.

Shotpak Energy Vodka


Anonymous said…
Nice blog. And yeah, let's save the world, one drink of Martini at a time. (^_^)
Anonymous said…
Thanks, Rick, for mentioning Zygo as the pioneer in the blending of "energy" components into vodka. Zygo was the first to receive government approval back in 2002. This makes Zygo the first "energy vodka."

Ken Wyatt
Zygo Vodka

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